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Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management


Official logo:

Situations in which the usage of the official logo is compulsory: If specified by regulations and directives. If a logo is used for official communication. In case of ceremonies and official events.

Logotype for download in various formats:
These formats are suitable for common use in: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet ...

These logotypes are in RGB colour model.

Protection zone:
We should allow enough space around each logo. The minimum protection zone around a logo x and a bookmark x defines the limits within which no other graphic item, text or picture shall appear. At the same time, it defines the minimum distance from the margin of the format in which the logo is placed e.g. paper margin, corner of a wall, etc.

Study the protection zone thoroughly in the enclosed document..
> (PDF file 156 kB)

Forbidden versions:
Study the forbidden versions of logotypes thoroughly in the enclosed document..
> (PDF file 144 kB)

How to write the title:

Title in Czech – official title:

Fakulta logistiky a krizového řízení Univerzity Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně

Non-formal abbreviated title in Czech:

Fakulta logistiky a krizového řízení UTB ve Zlíně
Fakulta logistiky a krizového řízení UTB
FLKŘ UTB ve Zlíně

For download:

Logotype in the professional format in curves
intended only for professional offset printing (CMYK)
> (PDF file 1.2 MB).

Complete documentation related to logo usage
> (PDF file 6.5 MB).


We use TBU Berlin font for logos and information and signage systems.

We use TBU Text font for everyday communication.

Arial is the substitute font for everyday communication.

We use J Baskerville font for official and promotional materials.

Times New Roman is the substitute font for official and promotional materials.



    PANTONE: 381
    CMYK: 30/0/95/0
    RGB: 200/220/0
    HTML: #C9DD03

    PANTONE: 368
    CMYK: 55/0/100/0
    RGB: 135/185/25
    HTML: #87B919

    PANTONE: 7679
    CMYK: 75/85/0/20
    RGB: 80/55/125
    HTML: #50377D

    PANTONE: 102
    CMYK: 0/0/100/0
    RGB: 255/235/0
    HTML: #FFEB00


    CMYK: 0/0/0/0
    RGB: 255/255/255

Please note:
Please study thoroughly the forbidden versions. Do not confuse RGB (intended to be used for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet... ) with CMYK versions (intended to be used only for professional offset printing).

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